Gnosticism: Ancient and Modern


Recommended Source Texts:
     The Nag Hammadi Library, ed. James Robinson (recent paperback copy)
     The Other Bible, ed. Willa Barnstone (recent paperback copy)


Hellenistic Gnosticism A
     Gnosis in the Western Mystery Tradition
     Positive ("Optimistic") and Negative ("Pessimistic") Gnosticism
     Gnostic Origins
     Gentile Mithraism and Syrian Redeemer Cults
     Jewish Mandaism
     Earliest Gnostic Christian Sects
     Anti-Gnostic Polemic by Irenaeus and Tertullian

Hellenistic Gnosticism B
     The Nag Hammadi Coptic Gnostic Library
     Libertines, Ascetics, and the Encratitic Movement
     The Valentinian Gnosis
     The Gnosis of Jesus Compared to Valentinian Gnosis
Gospel of Thomas
     Alexandrian and Hermetic Schools
     Plotinus and Neoplatonic Critique of Gnosticism
     Timelines for Transmission of Negative and Positive Gnosis

Medieval European Gnosticism
     Merovingian Dynasty and Celtic Christianity
     Carolingian Dynasty and Catholic Christianity
     Oppression of Heretical Communities
     Bogomil Transmission of Manichaeism
     Inquisition, Albigensian Genocide, and Cathar Diaspora
     Inquisition and Templar Diaspora
     Hermetic Renaissance and Rosicrucian Enlightenment
     From Gnosticism to Gnosis

Modern Gnosticism
     Animated Timeline to Modern Period
     19th and 20th Century Schools of Gnosis
          Spiritualism, Theosophy, Buddhist and Hindu Schools,
          Rosicrucian, Magickal, Sufi, Pythagorean, Alchemical, etc.     
     Great Modern Gnostics
     History of the Modern Gnostic Ecclesiae
     Postive Revisions of Valentinian and Pessemistic Gnosis
     Modern Gnostic Bishops: Saraydarian, Palatine, Hoeller, Miller, the Keizers


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